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Know someone struggling with the #1 problem in getting a talent visa: “Where do I start?”

We built to tackle that.

We spent most of 2023 building the foundations of this community. We grew it from 0 to 400+ members. In 2024, we’d love to make this the go-to space for talent visa aspirants from tech and STEM fields in the world.

As we look towards our next 400 members this year, we’d love to onboard people who are passionate about breaking the immigration handcuffs to start their company, escape the H-1B lottery, or get a green card through merit.

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Earn $100 for every friend you refer. No caps.

What is the Unshackled community? is where 400+ ambitious immigrants in STEM and business fields meet and empower each other to get talent visas — and beyond.

As soon as you join, here's what you can expect...
• Free 1:1 consults with 10+ past O1/EB1/NIW visa recipients
• Free profile evaluations with 8 top immigration lawyers
• Access to resources and case studies to boost your profile
• Monthly masterclasses and Ask-Me-Anythings with top immigration experts
• And of course, the support of 400+ ambitious talent visa aspirants in a similar boat!

Hear it from Dominic, one of our members who got the O-1A!

Want more? Hear it from 10+ members who
got talent visas — and more

The community helped me more than I paid for.
I got everything I needed to create a solid O-1A case. The knowledge base introduced me to the websites I needed to build my evidence. I had access to people who were doing exactly what I was doing - as well as people who've reached the finish line of the process! I could speak to vetted lawyers who evaluated my case. There is always new information being shared and discussed. Overall, I got more out of the community than I paid for!
Dominic Damoah
CTO of Vie, Inc. O-1A Recipient.
The biggest thing I got from the community was the belief that I could actually qualify for the O-1A. It wasn’t this giant, monolithic thing meant only for a select few. As long as I was doing good and strategically building my case, it was possible for me to get the visa. Since getting it, I’ve had the peace of mind I needed to get back to what actually mattered: building my company.
Digvijay Singh
Head of Product at DrizzleHealth. O-1A Recipient.
I decided to file a National Interest Waiver (NIW) because my PERM kept getting delayed by our company’s in-house attorney. Further, I wanted to lock in a priority date. I got to know about Unshackled very late in my NIW journey — and really wish I’d come across it before. But, now I am using the resources in there toward building my EB-1A profile which has been very helpful.
Hemadri Doma
QA Computer Systems Validation Engineer. EB-2 NIW Recipient.
Thanks to support from the community, I was successfully able to transition from an H-1B to a B-2 following a challenging period of company layoffs.
Vishal Pallerla
Developer Advocate, DevZero
I am immensely grateful to the Unshackled community for the support I got throughout my EB-1A process. The resources & personal stories shared there gave me the confidence to get through a rather overwhelming process. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone in their EB-1A process to join this space! I’m now just a month away from filing my case. Fingers crossed.
Mohit Kumar
Senior Radar System Enigneer at ARS. Doctorate from Colorado State University.
The most underrated benefit I got from the Unshackled community was the emotional support. I got an RFE during my O-1A journey and it was extremely painful, emotionally. I can't recommend joining the community enough.
Hitesh Kenjale
Co-Founder of DesiHangover. UC Berkeley MBA Graduate. O-1A Recipient.
I wish I had found the community earlier in my EB-1A journey. It could have saved me a lot of time and research. And, it would've given me a chance to meet others like me from my field, get their feedback, and made my petition better.
Aswarth Abhilash Dara
Staff Software Engineer AI/ML at Walmart. EB-1A Recipient.
I was in the H-1B lottery for three years straight and still didn't get selected. Eventually, my company's lawyer asked me if I had any papers or publications. When I said "no", they discouraged me from pursuing the O-1A path at that time. So I didn't. But then once again my name wasn't picked a fourth time in the H-1B lottery. This time my back was against the wall. That's when I discovered the Unshackled book and eventually the community. The chapter on O-1A in the book gave me confidence that I can build my profile. Within the next 6 months, I did it and got my O-1A approved.
Chinmay Jog
Sr. Machine Learning Engineer at PANGIAM. O-1A Recipient.
To me, Unshackled was the starting point of discovering a wealth of community, experiences, and resources that have been a friend through a pretty complex process. From simple tips to accessing others who were in similar boats to always having someone willing to help, the community has been unmatched.
Zoya Brar
Founder, CORE Diagnostics. EB-1A and 2x O-1A Recipient.
I joined the community only a few weeks ago. I've already been able to book a call with an EB-2 NIW recipient, who has now become a mentor of mine that I talk to regularly.
Imran Khan
RAN Visualization Engineer at Samsung.
Joining Unshackled was one of the best decisions I've made for my entrepreneurial journey.
Twinkle Mohan
Digital Product Designer. Aspiring Founder.